Christian University of Thailand is established by the Church of Christ in Thailand on September 7, 1983. The Ministry of University Affairs authorized Christian College to offer the first bachelor’s degree program in Nursing Science. The college was temporarily located in Bangkok Christian Hospital, Bangkok.   In 1995, Christian College aimed to expand education into the western region.  The permanent building was constructed in Nakhon Pathom province and officially moved to Nakhon Pathom province in 1997.  In recognition of the growth and stature of Christian College, on August 15, 2001 the Ministry of University Affairs re-chartered the status of the college to become the “Christian University” now officially named the Christian University of Thailand.   In 2006, the university downtown campus, “Siam Complex Educational Center” was established at The Church of Christ in Thailand Building located in the center of business area of Bangkok.  Later, Bangkok Institute of Theology, Bangkok, was established as another college under the umbrella of Christian University of Thailand in 2008.  Christian University of Thailand has aims to cultivate students with the Christian identity namely; professional skills, English skills, information system technology skills and morale and ethics.